Automation leads the sanitary product machinery production industry
Dec 01, 2020

An automatic sanitary Napkin packaging machine can sometimes be worth seven or eight skilled workers. Nowadays, the high automation in enterprises can not only improve production efficiency, but also to a certain extent avoid the harm caused by the lack of labor and the job-hopping of technical staff.

At present, the industry is fiercely competitive, and customers' demand for product packaging differentiation is becoming more and more obvious and strong. In response to this demand, Synergy has specially developed new products, which only need people to hang the drum mold on the machine, and the machine can achieve Online bag making, automatic loading, automatic sealing, and unmanned assembly lines can be designed according to different products. Such advanced technology has won the recognition of processing plants in all walks of life.

In Synergy's view, how to run an enterprise is a university question. Quality-centered, complete production management and quality control systems are the most basic guarantee for the quality of products. In the current industry situation, operating companies should not just ignore quality for the pursuit of efficiency, but should always stay awake and force themselves to make progress in the competition.

Nowadays, the sanitary products machinery industry is facing more and more competition. In this regard, high-end automation and the pursuit of precision production are the keys to enterprises to maintain their advantages. "Going high-end automation and expanding enterprise space is the biggest highlight of Synergy's continued development. Therefore, companies must optimize and upgrade production equipment to transform extensive production methods into precision production methods. This can double the production accuracy and production speed. , And such high-efficiency and quality-preserving production is dependent on mechanical automation.

Due to the accumulated experience in the production of sanitary products machinery for a long time, Synergy can produce various related mechanical parts by itself. All kinds of sanitary products machinery produced by Synergy are completed by the enterprise independently. Firstly, the quality is stable, and secondly, there are certain advantages in price.

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