Honor Certificate
Certification of Automatic Feeding device For Hose Clamps Band
Jul 24, 2020

The utility model provides an automatic feeding device for a throat hoop and band, which includes a frame, a storage tank installed on the frame, a band distributing mechanism, and a clamping mechanism. The storage tank is installed on the frame through a mounting plate On the upper side, a stack of straps is placed horizontally in the left and right directions in the storage tank, and a discharge port is provided under it. The mounting plate has a through hole corresponding to the discharge port; the strap distributing mechanism includes two parallel installations in the front and rear directions. The horizontal slide rail on the rack, the slide block slidably installed on two horizontal slide rails, the two holding slats installed on the slide block and parallel to the horizontal slide rail, are installed on the lower end surface of the mounting plate and The distributing assembly, the connecting piece, the distributing cylinder installed on the rack and connected with the sliding block through the connecting piece are located directly above the holding slat. The horizontal slide rail is located under the mounting plate. The holding slat is provided with The holding groove for holding the band, the clamping and taking mechanism is located in front of or behind the storage groove.

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