Honor Certificate
Certification of Clamps Automatic Assembly Device
Jul 24, 2020

The utility model provides an automatic assembly equipment for plastic clips, which includes a frame, a working platform, a left clip feeding device, a right clip feeding device, a circlip feeding device, a left clip assembly mechanism, a right clip assembly mechanism, and a circlip assembly The mechanism, the driving device, the unloading device and the control cabinet, the working platform, the left clip feeding device, and the right clip feeding device are all arranged on the frame, the circlip feeding device, the left clip assembly mechanism, and the right clip The assembly mechanism, the circlip assembly mechanism, the blanking device and the control device are all arranged on the working platform, and the driving device is arranged under the working platform, wherein the left clamp assembly mechanism and the right clamp assembly mechanism are symmetrically arranged. The overall equipment assembly efficiency is higher, the equipment cost is lower, and the equipment operation failure rate is low. The operation process only needs to ensure the normal operation of the drive device, without the need for air supply, the equipment power is low, and the operating cost is low.

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