Application of stainless steel hose clamp in engineering
Nov 20, 2020

Generally, the horizontal drainage pipe and the first floor exit pipe should adopt A-type pipe, and the drainage stand pipe and drainage branch pipe should adopt W-type pipe. The advantage of such a combination is that the A-type pipe has better mechanical properties due to the flange gland connection, and when used as the drainage horizontal pipe, the service life and use function can be guaranteed. 

At the same time, due to its good mechanical strength, it is especially suitable for high-rise drainage and exit horizontal pipes, which can withstand the impact of upper-layer water. Due to the quick installation and the good flexibility of the interface, the W-shaped pipe is suitable as the material of choice for the drainage riser, especially as the installation and construction of the drainage horizontal branch pipe in the toilet and bath room. The good flexibility and tightness of the interface can be used The slope of the drainage pipe is well controlled. 

At the same time, due to the characteristics of W-shaped pipe connectors, combined with the current status of completion and decoration of current residential projects (usually the drain risers of toilets and baths are exposed), when the riser concealed decoration is carried out, it is convenient to decorate and arrange, which can save space and increase Actual use area. In addition, the use of A-type and W-type pipes in combination, in addition to the above reasons, is also because the remaining short material generated during the installation of the A-type pipe can be used as the installation of the ground drainage horizontal branch pipe, saving materials and having a good economy benefit. The connection of W-shaped pipe adopts stainless steel hose clamps for connection construction. The stainless steel hose clamp is composed of rubber sleeve, hose clamp, perforated rolling shaft and bolts.

In the actual installation project, the above-mentioned two kinds of pipes have a good effect in combination, which can not only meet the needs of construction quality and use function, but also save materials and reduce costs.

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