Automatic bearing appearance inspection machine (AI image)
July 24 , 2020

A technologically advanced industrial intelligent Machine Self-learning Image Detection System launched by Synergy, adopts the latest "optical flow technology + neural network" combined with image evaluation technology, and is equipped with advanced hardware systems such as high-performance cameras, light sources, and lenses. Ensure the machine The quality and refresh rate of the images acquired by CCD, equipped with large-capacity storage devices and Ethernet communication capabilities, enable your detection data to be retrieved quickly, safely and efficiently, easy to operate, clear images, VI intelligent evaluation, and self-learning And other functions.

Main technical performance of equipment:

1. Resolution: Φ0.3mm² (dotted area), scratch 0.5mm*0.05mm (length*width);

2. Testing requirements: the surface of the workpiece is clean and free of oil stains;

Missed judgment rate: 0%, that is, 100% of unqualified products are eliminated;

False judgment rate: ≤3%. All rejected products can be re-inspected once to reduce misjudgments;

3. Detection cycle: <3 seconds/each, the detection time of different specifications is slightly different;

4. Fully automated appearance inspection carries out appearance defect classification for multiple groups;

5. Automatically generate SPC statistical reports, defect location, defect size, and inspection MES management;

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