Automatic Bearing Eddy Current Flaw Detection and Sorting Machine (Crack + Hardness)
July 24 , 2020

The BR-HS series multifunctional intelligent Bearing Eddy Current Flaw Detector adopts the "non-contact and non-destructive" eight-frequency electromagnetic field (MultiFreqency-EM) global patented detection technology, combined with the probe "orthogonal-matrix" structure and algorithm to analyze the signal, used Inspection of metal components and metal parts in aerospace, automobile, railway, metallurgy, precision machinery and other industries-crack sorting, hardness sorting, hardened layer sorting, defect sorting (cracks, dark seams, pores, inclusions) , Soft spots, burns)” etc. to ensure that the test results are “stable, accurate and fast”.

The equipment testing process is fully automated, and can quickly detect various metal surface cracks, dark seams, pores, inclusions and hardness, hardened layers, materials and other defects of various materials. It is used in aerospace, automotive, railway, metallurgy, precision machinery and other industries For the intelligent detection instrument for metal components, there is no need to add magnets during the detection process, no consumables, no pollution, and no contact with the workpiece. The built-in LAN network PLC communication data exchange module realizes fully automatic detection and automatically generates SPC statistical reports and defects location, defect size, material information, inspection MES management, etc.

performance of the equipment:

1. Flaw detection sensitivity: there are cracks and defects with the workpiece surface extending into the metal with a depth of ≥0.05mm and a length of ≥2mm; for cracks in the metal that have not yet extended to the surface of the workpiece, the metal thickness between the upper edge of the crack and the surface of the workpiece is ≤0.2 When mm, cracks with depth ≥0.2mm and length ≥2mm can be detected;

Hardness sorting: ±2 HRC, can quickly distinguish large batches of "heat-treated and untreated";

100% sorting of material mixture;

2. Missing judgment rate: 0%, that is, 100% of unqualified products will be eliminated;

The misjudgment rate is ≤1%. All rejected products can be re-inspected once to reduce misjudgments;

3. Detection cycle: 3-5 seconds/each, the detection time of different specifications is slightly different;

4. Full coverage detection of upper and lower end faces, inner and outer walls, channels, chamfers, etc.;

5. Realize fully automatic detection, automatically generate SPC statistical reports, and detect MES information system;

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