V-P5D-ET Intelligent Multi-frequency Eddy Current Detector

The V-P3D-ET multifunctional intelligent instrument adopts the "non-contact and non-destructive" eight-frequency electromagnetic field (MultiFreqency-EM) detection technology to detect the aerospace, automobile, railway, metallurgy, precision machinery and other industries on metal components and metal parts.

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V-P5D-ET Intelligent Multi-frequency Eddy Current Detector adopts the most advanced microelectronic digital processing technology, real-time multi-frequency eddy current detection & microprocessor technology, which can effectively real-time detect the defects of metal components, distinguish alloy types & heat treatment condition. The detector realizes human-machine interaction, screen menu prompt, is easy to operate. Parameters and expert procedures can be preset according to the user's needs.

Functional Information

· Multi-frequency&Multi-channel eddy current detecting

· Fast High Precision/Digital Electronic Balance

· The excitation amplitude of the probe can be adjusted

· Displaying Dual Impedance Plane Graph& Time Based Scan Graph

· Built-in high-performance solid-state lithium battery can work continuously for more than 8 hours.

· Interfaces: U port, network port and encoder interface

· 10.4 "TFT LCD Display with High Resolution

· Having Multiple filtering methods

· Special process parameters can be preset

· Having various storage methods.

· Having unique function of crack sounding

· Having Detection waveform recording/playback function

· Having simple operation with Chinese&English operation interface.

Technical Parameters

USB port


RS232 port


video output

Standard VGA output

Alarm output


Start input


Coder input


Work Temp.


Relative Humidity

Not over 80%


W 320 mm * H 235 mm * T 103 mm


3kg, Li-battery included


English / Chinese

Data Storage


Battery ON time


Power supply

AC200 VAC 240 VAC50 Hz 60 Hz




10.4 Screen

Detection Channel


Probe frequency

10 Hz 10MHzIncrement 1Hz

Probe drive

1~16 classes

Hardware gain

0~40dBmin step 0.1dB

Software gain

0~99dBmin step 0.1dB

Phase rotation

0~359°, min Step 1°

Display mode

full line, blanking


Full wave, positive half wave, negative half wave, radio frequency wave

Filter factor


Alarm window

Sector, rectangle, negative circle


Grade 3 Filter

Application Areas

· For general defect evaluation (surface inspection of aircraft components such as blades, hubs, landing gears, etc.)

· For rivet holes or bolt holes, cracks on the inner surface of the holes can be detected without removing or detaching fasteners.

· Detection of Surface Cracks on Various Metal Parts and Welds

· Detection of in-service copper, titanium, aluminum, zirconium and other non-ferromagnetic heat exchanger tubes

· Detection of interlayer gap corrosion of composite materials, such as detection of multilayer structures of aircraft, aluminum skin and fuselage wing joints, etc.

· Monitoring the change of heat treatment state and sorting materials

· With additional functions of weld seam detection with anticorrosive coating, crack depth measurement and conductivity measurement (optional), the instrument is especially suitable for in-service and pre-service detection in the fields of aviation, aerospace, electric power, petrochemical and mechanical manufacturing, etc.

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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.