V-P5D-UT Intelligent Ultrasonic Detector

The main purpose of the intelligent ultrasonic detector V-P5D-UT is to provide high level flaw detection performance with a simple instrument.

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V-P5D-UT Intelligent Ultrasonic Detector is simple and intuitive, convenient and practical, the ergonomically design of the product enable all personnel, no matter an experienced or completely new of ultrasonic examination, can use this flaw detector freely. V-P5D-UT Intelligent Ultrasonic Detector meets the EN12668-1 standards, with complete range of standards and optional flaw detection functions, it also has multiple on-board report making tools. The comprehensive data filling system of the detector enable users to collect and report high quality inspection data easily. The instrument is sturdy and durable so it can be utilized almost in any testing environments.

Technical Parameters

USB port


RS232 port


Video output

Standard VGA out put

Alarm output


Start input


Coder input


Work Temp.


Relative Humidity

Under 80%


W 320 mm * H 235 mm * T 103 mm


3kg, Li-battery included


English / Chinese

Data Storage


Battery ON time


Power supply

200 VAC 240 VAC50 Hz 60 Hz




10.4 Screen

Detection Channel


Repeat rate

10 Hz 2000 Hzincrement 10 Hz

Pulse width

25 ns 5000 ns0.1 MHzAdjustable




0 dB 110 dB

Receiver bandwidth

0.2 MHz 26.5 MHz,–3 dB

Detection wave

Full wave, positive half wave, negative half wave, radio frequency wave

System Linear

Level:±0.5 % FSW


0.25 % FSHAmplifier precision ±1 dB


0 % ~ 80 % screen with visual alarm

Amplitude measure

0 % ~ 110 % screen , 0.25 % resolution

Automatic calibration

Sound speed, zero offset, vertical beam (1st bottom echo, or echo to echo), angular beam (range or depth)

Sound speed

635 m/s to 15240 m/s

Zero offset

0 µs 750 µs

Display delay

-59 mm to 13401 mmLongitudinal wave velocity in steel

Refract angle

0° 90°, Increment 0.1°

Detect Gate

A/B Gate plus bottom wave following gate I

Gate starting point

Variable over the entire display range

Gate width

Variable in the area between the start of the gate and the end of the display range

Gate height

Variable in 2%~95% screen


Positive and negative thresholds, small depths (gate 1 and gate 2)

Application Areas

· Automotive Industry: Hub Bearings, Engine Cylinder Liners, Piston Rings, etc

· Aviation Military Industry: Seamless Steel Pipe, Seamless Welded Pipe, Helicopter Spindle, etc

· Mechanical Hardware Industry: Rail, Bar, Wind Power Bolt, Billet, Steel Plate, etc

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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.