Cylinder Linear Eight Frequency (Eddy Current) Diagnose machine
Oct 13, 2020

Cylinder Linear Eight Frequency (Eddy Current) Diagnose machine is a full-automatic crack diagnose detection machine integrating light, electricity and machinery. The workpiece is sent into the inspection area by means of clamping horizontal movement, then the detected workpiece is fully rotated to enable the detected surface of the workpiece passes the spot probe and scan the outer diameter, inner diameter, channel, retaining edge and two end surfaces at the same time. System can automatic feeding, detection, sorting, arraying the workpieces, and the system can be integrated to customer‘s existing production line. The whole equipment consists of main control system, feeding system and mechanical transmission system in which the core inspection Instrument and mechanical device are all in one, effectively save the space. The humanized human - machine dialogue interface helps it especially suitable for 100 % detection of the ring shape mechanical parts.

Host: V-P3D-ET Multichannel eight frequency eddy current inspection equipment

Calibrated Crack: Crack L*W*T = 5mm*0.1mm*0.2mm;

Calibrated Porosity: Dia. Φ0.5mm – Depth 0.5mm;

Speed: <= 20-40s/pc up to the equipment model

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